The “Carbon prices and markets” research initiative is organizing an international conference at Paris Dauphine University on September 3, from 9:00 to 16:30

“Emissions trading in the 2030 framework”

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The social aversion of intergenerationalinequality and the recycling of a carbon tax

Par Frédéric Gonand

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Innovation on the seed market: the role of IPRs and commercialisation rules

By Marc Baudry et Adrien Hervouet

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The cost of emissions mitigation by legume crops in French agriculture

By Benjamin Dequiedt and Dominic Moran

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The collective work “Renewable Energies and internal market”, under the direction of Professor Claudie Boiteau, is published by Bruylant.
This book provides the keys to understand and analyse the arrangements for the development of low-carbon energy, mainly renewable, inspired by the climate issues in the internal energy market.
The book contains contributions from:
François Blanc, Nicolas Boillet, Claudie Boiteau, Laurence Calandri, Marie-Hélène Crassous, Benoît Delaunay, Guillaume Dezobry, Hubert Delzangles, Marta Franch, Gaëlle Guégen-Hallouët, Patrice Geoffron, Christophe Krolik, Élise Langelier, Florence Latullaie, Antoine Lochet, Féline Marandet, Sébastien Martin, Thomas Perroud, Karl Stöger.