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« Promoting Nuclear Energy: Market Pricing or regulated Tariffs? » par Jacques Percebois

Publié le 24 août 2017

 International Journal of Power and Energy Research Vol 1, N°2, July 2017

(only available in english)

Abstract. In Europe, the ability for nuclear power to compete in the energy market is undermined by two interconnected issues: a scheme of guaranteed purchase prices for renewable energy sources (wind and solar) and very low spot market prices. A feed-in tariffs system increases costs to end-users and moreover prompts decreases in the electricity price on the wholesale market. Low spot electricity prices jeopardize conventional power investments, particularly in nuclear energy. Consequently, to redress the balance between nuclear and renewable energy, it is necessary to cut subsidies for renewables and/or to help the nuclear sector through an arrangement, such as “Contract for Differences”, employed in the United Kingdom. Such a mechanism may guarantee profitability of nuclear investments in the future. This paper presents, in the introduction [1], the specificity of the French electricity sector; it analyses in a second step some “perverse effects” due to the “feed-in tariffs” mechanism implemented in the European Union, particularly in France because of the system of regulated prices for the end-user [2] and presents then some suggested solutions for restoring the competitiveness of nuclear energy, which is an important goal for France [3].