The team

Mohamed Bahlali

Intern Research Fellow «Endogenous innovation models under carbon budget constraint»  C02 Price and low-carbon innovation//Energy Transition Programs

Mamadou Saliou Barry

Research Fellow «Essays on Access to Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa»


Marc Baudry

Professor at Paris Nanterre University
Co-Manager of the CO2 price and low-carbon Innovation Program

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Claire Bérenger

Office Manager


Come Billard

Research Fellow «Applying economic networks to the green transition: essays on diffusions and negotiations»


Edouard Civel

CEC Junior Researcher 

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Théotime Coudray

Research Fellow «Intermittent renewable energies and power system flexibility: case study on French region Occitanie»



Anna Creti

Professor at Paris-Dauphine University
Director of the Climate Economics Chair

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Nathaly Cruz Garcia

Research Fellow « Social interactions and energy efficiency investment in the building sector »


Philippe Delacote

Research Fellow at INRA

Manager of the Agriculture and Forestry Program

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Christian de Perthuis

Climate Economics Chair’s founder


Jérôme Deyris

Research Fellow «Financial markets in the era of stranded assets»

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Elias Djoubri

Intern Research Fellow «Influence of energy performance in real estate transactions»

Anouk Faure

Research Fellow «Long term modeling of the European Union Carbon Market»


Patrice Geoffron

Professor of Economics
Dauphine Economics Laboratory

Scientific Advisor at the Climate Economics Chair

Marie Girardot

Intern Research Fellow «Waste management and public policies» Agriculture and Forestry Program

Quentin Hoarau

Research Fellow «Environmental policies in the automobile sector»

Research Gate

Richard Koenig

Research Fellow «Crop insurance as a mitigation and adaptation tool in a climate change context»


Valentin Lignau

Research Fellow «Patents as a measure and a driver of a low-carbon innovation policy »


Etienne Lorang

Research Fellow «Circular Economy, recycling and CO2 emissions »


Alexis Morel

Intern Research Fellow «Controlling a mix of peak energy sources to balance a variable renewable energy production over a range of time scales»

Raphael Olivier

Research Fellow  «Practices and theories of corporate carbon pricing»

Research Gate

Maxime Ollier

Research Fellow «Climate change effects on inequalities of farmers’ income»

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JP Jacques Percebois

Professor Emeritus at Montpellier University

Senior Researcher


Simon Quemin

Junior Researcher of  the CO2 price and low-carbon Innovation Program

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Morgane Rahali

Intern Research Fellow « Network access pricing and supply-demand flexibility » Energy Transitions Program

Esther Raineau-Rispal

Research Fellow « Market structure, strategic behaviors and economic incentives of firms in the construction industry »

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Olivier Rebenaque

Research Fellow « Impacts of self-consumption on the grid tariffs »



Boris Solier

Assistant Professor at Montpellier University

Manager of the Energy Transitions Program

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Giulia Vaglietti

Intern Research Fellow « Weather shocks and land-use change» Agriculture and Forestry Program

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