Launched in October 2010, the Climate Economics Chair is designed to be a research platform recognized academically and open to the economic and political world. Its research program, validated by an international scientific committee, is focused on the economics of climate change.

The Chair has set as a priority the training of young researchers by hosting trainees, doctoral and post-doctoral students from various backgrounds. It is also a place for debate between researchers and actors of the professional world, where our team will be pleased to welcome you.

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Development of innovative research programs

The activity of the chair is organized in research programs, which bring a team of researchers around a theme or sector. Business partners can choose to support all programs, becoming the main partners of the Chair, or participate in one or several research programs that match their interests.

A forum for debate and exchange of ideas

The Climate Economics Chair contributes to the dissemination of scientific research through the organization of seminars open to professionals and researchers. For example, the Chair’s Friday Lunch Meetings (FLM) became a network of knowledge sharing among researchers.

Teaching and training

Researchers of the Climate Economics Chair participate in the teaching activities of the Master in Energy-Finance-Carbon at Paris-Dauphine University and several other specialized masters. The Chair is also a host institution for interns and PhD candidates.

Our commitments

At the Climate Economics Chair, the responsible conduct of research activities requires the implementation of a rigorous scientific and partnership approach. This approach supports the scientific integrity of our research and the reliability of our results. Ethics, deontology and scientific integrity are at the heart of CEC’s values.

The CEC Ethics Charter affirms the commitment of our Chair to conduct research within a rigorous ethical framework, contributing to the respect of research ethics. It also commits the individual responsibility of each of its members in his or her daily life as a scientific researcher to act with integrity and in accordance with university ethics based on fundamental values such as freedom of thought and expression, independence, quality of scientific debate, rigorous analysis of data and the use of reasoned argumentation, temperance, intellectual honesty and probity.

In addition, the CEC and its members are collectively committed to producing CEC analyses and recommendations that comply with the highest academic standards of independence, rigor, and impartiality. Consequently, the CEC and its members do not: advocate or lobby on behalf of our partners and funders; initiate or conduct works to the exclusive benefit of specific entities; or allow undue external influence to affect the research conducted at the Chair. By supporting the CEC, our partners and funders demonstrate their common adherence and absolute commitment to these core values.

CEC Ethics Charter