Support us


Interested in one/several of our research themes, a firm can support the related Research Program among the following ones:

  • CO2 price and low-carbon innovation
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Energy transitions

A three-year partnership convention is signed by the firm, Paris Dauphine University and the Foundation Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF) which ensures the administrative and financial management of the Climate Economics Chair. This convention outlines the organizational arrangements, notably:

  • The composition of the CEC’s Steering Committee (once a year), chaired by the climatologist Philippe Drobinski,
  • The participation of all main CEC’s Partners in the Steering Committees of each Research Program.
  • Organization of regular exchanges between the Parties (project supervision, attendance at seminars, and so on)
  • A privileged access to the CEC’s publications.

Support for public research: CIR or patronage scheme?

Both tax incentives are possible through the Foundation. The IEF as a FRUP (Fondation Reconnue d’Utilité Publique) is eligible for sponsorship because of its structure and status, and also eligible for the CIR because it is approved for research by the Ministry of Research.

Contributions can be made under the Research Tax Credit (CIR) scheme defined in Article 244 quater B of the General Tax Code, a tax incentive mechanism for the development of scientific and technical research efforts by companies, or under the sponsorship scheme in accordance with the provisions of Article 238 Bis of the General Tax Code. As soon as the donation is received, the Foundation undertakes to send the partner a duly signed tax receipt (Cerfa n°11580*04 cf appendix 3), indicating in particular the full details of the donor and beneficiary, the amount paid and the date of payment, as well as the method of payment.

  • The sponsorship system allows a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation.
  • As of January 2022, the CIR is equal to 30% of research expenses less than or equal to 100 million euros.

How much?

The Foundation Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF), which ensures the administrative and financial management of the Climate Economics Chair, admits all contributions exceeding 20 K€.

How will your donation be used?

Any amount paid by a patron of the Climate Economics Chair and collected by the Foundation will be assigned to the CEC’s budget.

The CEC will assign your contribution in accordance with its own priorities. The CEC will allocate your donation according to priorities, including doctoral fellowship grants. These grants are used to finance the theses of young researchers, one of the main objectives of the Chair. CEC development is in fact based on your trust in terms of allocation of resources.

Each patron will receive detailed information on the research activity development during the year following its contribution.

Financing a research internship

Interested in a short-term research project which theme is in line with one of our three Research Programs, a firm can fund a research internship.

In this case, the trainee shares his time between the enterprise and the Chair, and benefits from a two-sided supervision (with a tutor within the enterprise, and another at the Chair).

Financing a research agreement

To fund a research project, a firm can also sign a research agreement with a research laboratory partner of the Chair (CGEMP, EconomiX, and so on).

The university, to which the laboratory is attached (UPOND, Paris Dauphine University, and so on.), hires in this case a PhD Student (over three years) or a postdoctoral Student (over one year) in order to conduct this project, which will be academically supervised by the laboratory and the Chair.


  For any further information, please contact Claire Bérenger