Energy Transitions

This research program aims at analyzing the provisions and potential impacts of climate-energy policies in three main research topics: integration of renewables in electricity and gas sectors; pricing mechanisms, consumer behaviors and new energy uses; spatial equity and redistribution.

 Our research topics

  • Renewables and self-consumption
  • Decentralised production and networks functionning
  • Local impacts of the energy transition
  • Thermal renovation and real-estate assets value
  • Analysis of energy consumptions in the tertiary sector
  • Introduction of “performance guarantee” mechanisms

Our team

  • Jacques Percebois: Co-Manager of the Research Program
  • Boris Solier: Co-Manager of the Research Program
  • Salomé Bakaloglou: Research Fellow on « The insurable nature of the energy performances of new and refurbished buildings »
  • Mamadou Saliou Barry: Research Fellow on « Essays on Access to Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa »
  • Côme Billard: Research Fellow on « Deploying green gas activity: a complexity economics approach »
  • Edouard Civel (with the CO2 Price and Low-carbon Innovation Research Program): Research Fellow on « The information value in the real estate renovation market »
  • Nathaly Cruz: Research Fellow on « Social interactions and energy efficiency investment in the building sector »
  • Quentin Hoarau: Research Fellow on « Synergies between electric mobility and photovoltaic energy »
  • Zeinab Ranjbar: Research Fellow on «  Characteristic of the building sector and massification of energy renovations in France »
  • Olivier Rebenaque: Research Fellow on « The territorial aspects of the energy transition »

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Examples of publications

  • The energy-economic growth relationship: a new insight from the EROI perspective, by Victor Court and Florian Fizaine, Working Paper n°2016-01 of the Climate Economics Chair, January 2016
  • Les risques de contre-productivité à l’usage des innovations vertes dans le bâtiment. Le cas français des chauffe-eau solaires dans l’habitat collectif, par Vincent Renauld-Giard, Information et Débat n°39 de la Chaire Economie du Climat, Octobre 2015 (in French only)

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