Energy Transitions

 Our research topics

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Integration of renewables in electricity and gas sectors

  • Incentive effects of support mechanisms for renewable energy
  • Impacts of renewable energy deployment on both electricity and gas markets and networks
  • Consistency between objectives and instruments of climate-energy policies

 Pricing mechanisms, consumer behaviors and new energy uses

  • Pricing mechanisms for gas and electricity
  • Price elasticity of energy demand and potential for energy efficiency
  • New uses of gas and electricity

 Energy efficiency and building

  • Thermal renovation and real-estate assets value;
  • Analysis of existing barriers to thermal renovation;
  • Introduction of «performance guarantee » mechanisms.

Access to energy in Africa

  • Financial, behavioral, institutional and regulatory impediments to energy access
  • Roads from energy to development – Causal mechanisms and constraints
  • Regulatory framework and business models to reach universal access

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