CO2 Price and Low-carbon Innovation

Our research topics

  • EU ETS simulation model : the Zephyr Model
  • Linking between carbon markets, and interactions with the eletricity market
  • Carbon pricing and mobility
  • Carbon pricing and heat production
  • “Low carbon” patents analysis

Our team

  • Marc Baudry: Co-Manager of the Research Program
  • Raphael Trotignon: Co-Manager of the Research Program
  • Simon Quemin: Junior Researcher of the Program
  • Edouard Civel (with the Energy transitions Research Program): Research Fellow on « Carbon pricing, innovation and thermal renovations »
  • Jeremy Elbeze: Research Fellow on « Carbon pricing in the sector of heat production »
  • Anouk Faure: Research Fellow on « Long term modeling of the European Union Carbon Market »
  • Valentin Lignau: Research Fellow on « Patents as a measure and a driver of a low-carbon innovation policy »
  • Raphaël Olivier: Research Fellow on « Practices and theories of corporate carbon pricing »
  • Boris Solier (with the Energy transitions Research Program): Researcher on « Carbon pricing in the sector of electricity production »

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Examples of publications

  • Un prix-plancher du carbone pour le secteur électrique : quelles conséquences ?, par Raphael Trotignon et Boris Solier, Policy Brief n°2015-02 de la Chaire Economie du Climat, Novembre 2015 (in French only)
  • Governance of CO2 markets: Lessons from the EU ETS, by Raphael Trotignon and Christian de Perthuis, Energy Policy 75 (2014), p100–106, November 2014
  • Overview of climate change policies and development of emissions trading in China, Simon Quemin et Wen Wang, Information et Débat n°30 de la Chaire Economie du Climat, mars 2014
  • Investigating the Combined Effects of Building Thermal Renovations and Carbon Price on the Development of Low CO2 Emitting Technologies for Heat Production : An Application to French Residential Collective Buildings, Jeremy Elbeze et Edouard Civel, Working Paper de la Chaire Economie du Climat (forthcoming)
  • Innovation in the Seed Market : the Role of IPRs and Commercialization Rules, by Marc Baudry and Adrien Hervouet, Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization
  • Analyse contrefactuelle du développement des énergies renouvelables, by Marc Baudry and Clément Bonnet, Informations and Debates n°37 of the Climate Economics Chair, January 2015 (in French only).

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