CO2 Price and Low-carbon Innovation

Our research topics

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Carbon pricing through tax, market or hybrid systems

  • Monitoring the functioning and modeling of the European carbon market (Zephyr model)
  • The introduction of carbon taxes in the world
  • Hybrid pricing systems: price corridor / quantity corridor etc.
  • Future of project mechanisms and carbon offsets (CORSIA)

Governance and coordination of regulatory instruments

  • Interactions between different economic tools of climate energy policies
  • The coordination of different carbon pricing systems within a country or in the world, linking between carbon markets
  • International Climate Negotiations and the Paris Agreement Follow-up

The internal price of carbon for firms, a tool at the border of the economy and management

  • Historical perspective, conceptual and practical heterogeneities
  • The internal price of carbon as a new form of voluntary approach
  • The internal price of carbon as a new type of management tool
  • Sociological analysis of the management of the internal price of carbon

Low-carbon innovation: specificities and strategies associated with the creation of “green” knowledge

  • Learning effects and how to overcome barriers to the adoption of low carbon technologies
  • The specificities of low carbon innovation in terms of the link between open innovation and patents
  • Monitoring and measuring low carbon innovation using patent data

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