Agriculture and Forestry

This research program analyzes the conditions of use of economic instruments dedicated to climate change issues in the agricultural and forestry sectors. Particular attention is paid to the mechanisms of REDD + and the competition for biomass use.

Our research topics

Eco-system services and climate policies

  • Barriers to GES emissions mitigation in agriculture and forests

  • Impact of climate policies on the provision of eco-system services

  • Trade-offs and synergies between climate change mitigation and other eco-system services

Adaptation and Mitigation policies in the agricultural and forest systems

  • Feedback of adaptation strategies on mitigation potential

  • Climate and energy policies impact on adaptation behaviours

  • The role of risk and insurance on  mitigation practices

Circular Economy : resource use and waste management

  • Trade-offs and synergies between carbon emissions, resource use and waste management

  • Impact of climate policies on recycling and waste management

  • Recycling and climate impacts

Our team

  • Philippe Delacote: Head of the Research Program
  • Julia Girard : Research fellow trainee on « Impact of climate shocks on land use and deforestation »
  • Richard Koenig : Research fellow trainee on « Agri-environmental practices and risk »
  • Etienne Lorang: Research Fellow on « Circular Economy, recycling and CO2 emissions »
  • Maxime Ollier: Research Fellow on « Climate change effects on inequalities of farmers’ income »
  • Camille Tevenart: Research Fellow on  « Barriers to GES emissions mitigation in the French agricultural sector: the role of uncertainty, information and risk attitudes »

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