Agriculture and Forestry

Our research topics

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Eco-system services and climate policies

  • Barriers to GES emissions mitigation in agriculture and forests

  • Impact of climate policies on the provision of eco-system services

  • Trade-offs and synergies between climate change mitigation and other eco-system services

Adaptation and Mitigation policies in the agricultural and forest systems

  • Feedback of adaptation strategies on mitigation potential

  • Climate and energy policies impact on adaptation behaviours

  • The role of risk and insurance on  mitigation practices

Circular Economy : resource use and waste management

  • Trade-offs and synergies between carbon emissions, resource use and waste management

  • Impact of climate policies on recycling and waste management

  • Recycling and climate impacts

Our team

  • Philippe Delacote: Head of the Research Program
  • Tom Bry-Chevalier: Research Fellow « Economic challenges of cultivated meat as a disruptive technology in the face of climate change »
  • Léa Crepin: Research Fellow « Soybean trade and imported deforestation »
  • Richard Koenig: Research Fellow « Crop insurance as a mitigation and adaptation tool in a climate change context »
  • Edith Kouakou: Research Fellow « Risk, insurance and carbon offset in agriculture »
  • Jessica Meyer: Research Fellow « Forests, weather shocks and nutrition in developing countries »
  • Lise Peragin: Research Fellow « Recycled raw materials: Which treatments, which uses? Impacts on resources and carbon balance »
  • Edouard Pignède : Research Fellow « Adaption to climate change: Inequalities and spatial vulnerability in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa »
  • Giulia Vaglietti: Research Fellow « Extreme weather events and land use changes: assessment of deforestation »

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