Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Emmanuel Hache, January 21st 2022 Speaker Emmanuel HACHE is an economist-prospectivist in the Economics and Environmental Assessment department of IFP Énergies nouvelles. Doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris I and authorized to supervise research at the University of Paris-Nanterre. He is research director at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS) and associate researcher at […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Imelda, February 18th 2022 Speaker Imelda is Assistant Professor of Economics in Graduate Institute, Geneva. Title  Market Power and Price Exposure: Learning from Changes in Renewables' Regulation Background   We provide theoretical and empirical results regarding the market power implications of different types of renewable support schemes in electricity markets. In particular, we seek to understand how the […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Jean-Philippe Nicolaï, March 18th 2022 Speaker Jean-Philippe Nicolaï is Professor of Economics at Grenoble INP-Génie Industriel, member of the Gael laboratory Title  "Digital sobriety certificates as an instrument for regulating digital pollution" co-written with Lise Péragin (M2 EEET Paris-Saclay) Abstract   The objective of this article is to study digital pollution and to question the possibility of establishing certificates […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Debate, Emmanuel Combet, April 15th 2022 Speaker Emmanuel Combet is a researcher, senior economist in the Foresight and Research Executive Department of ADEME, coordinator of the foresight program. Title  Ademe "Transition(s) 2050" scenarios: Four transition scenarios towards carbon neutrality in France Abstract   Faced with the climate emergency, the changes to be made are of such magnitude that it […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Akshaya Jha, may 20th 2022 Speaker Akshaya Jha is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy. Institution: Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University Title  "Start-up Costs and Market Power: Lessons from the Renewable Energy Transition" Abstract   Firms expect to recover the fixed costs required to start production by earning positive operating profits […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Raja Chakir, June 17th 2022 Speaker Raja Chakir is a Research Director, Paris-Saclay Applied Economics, INRAE-AgroParisTech. Title  The impact of Climate Change on Farmland Prices: a Repeat-Ricardian analysis Abstract The impact of Climate Change on Farmland Prices: a Repeat-Ricardian analysis Ricardian analyses of farmland values have become a cornerstone of the literature assessing the impacts of climate change on […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Adrien Fabre, September 16th 2022 Speaker Adrien Fabre is a CNRS researcher at CIRED Title  Fighting Climate Change: International Attitudes Toward Climate Policies Abstract Using new surveys on more than 40,000 respondents in twenty countries that account for 72% of global CO2 emissions, we study the understanding of and attitudes toward climate change and climate policies. We show that, […]

Friday Lunch Meeting Research, Charles F. Mason, November 18th 2022


Speaker Charles F. Mason is H.A. True Chair in Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics. Department of Economics, University of Wyoming Title  Complications in Cooperating when Players are Asymmetric: Theory and Experimental Evidence Abstract I study an indefinitely repeated game where players' payoffs are asymmetric. Attempts to cooperate in such an environment, for example by rationing […]