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I&D #32 REDD+ projects in 2014: an overview based on a new database and typology

Published on 10 June 2014

REDD+ projects in 2014 : an overview based on a new database and typology

by Gabriela Simonet, Alain Karsenty, Christian de Perthuis, Pete Newton, Brian Schaap, Coline Seyller

updated in July 2015

Cosiderig the lak of larity aout hat ‘EDD+ projets are, this paper suggests defiig the as “Local or landscape projects, with an explicit aim of reducing emissions from the forestry sector; financed by REDD+ funds and/or carbon markets; located in non-Annex I countries”. We then provide a snapshot of REDD+ projects globally, based on a new database and typology. We show that ‘EDD+ futios as a logo to attrat speifi fiaig, ith liited ioatio i terms of approach. Moreover, REDD+ projects differ from Kyoto carbon projects by their limited focus on climate change mitigation and low dependence on carbon revenue.

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