Peer-reviewed article

« The cost of emission mitigation by legume crops in French agriculture » dans la revue Ecological Economics

Published on 10 February 2015

L’article « The cost of emission mitigation by legume crops in French agriculture » par Benjamin Dequiedt et Dominic Moran est publié dans la revue Ecological Economics Volume 110, February 2015, Pages 51–60.


Abstract :

This paper considers the cost of greenhouse gas mitigation potential of legume crops in French arable systems. We construct marginal abatement cost curves to represent this mitigation or abatement potential for each department of France and provide a spatial representation of its extent. Despite some uncertainty, the measure appears to offer a significant low cost mitigation potential. We estimate that the measure could abate half of the emission reduction sought by a national plan for the reduction of chemical fertilizer emissions by 2020. This would be achieved at a loss of farmland profit of 1.2%. Considering the geographical heterogeneity of cost, we suggest that a policy implementing carbon pricing in agriculture would be more efficient than a uniform regulatory requirement for including the crop in arable systems.


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