Working Papers

WP #2015-08 ID-RECCO, WP #2015-08 ID-RECCO, A New collaborative work tool on REDD+ projects

Published on 22 September 2015

This paper describes the methodology and data used for the construction of a collaborative work tool focused on REDD+ projects and called ID-RECCO, which stands for ‘International Database on REDD+ Projects linking Economic, Carbon and Communities data’. ID-RECCO links 110 variables informing on several aspects of REDD+ projects: carbon certification, sources of financing, socio-economic expected impacts, project proponents and general features of the project. As of October 2014, we have collected data on 410 projects, 57 countries and 362 project proponents.

This database is innovative in the sense it is the first time such a large amount of information is collected on REDD+ projects globally, in a format adequate for research purpose and analysis.

The database will be available online by the end of 2015 to serve the REDD+ community. It will be particularly useful for
researchers who work on REDD+ issues, but it will also constitute a unique learning unit for project proponents and governments who are implementing REDD+ actions at different scales.

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