Defended thesis

“The Emergence of Carbon Capture and Storage Techniques in the Power Sector”, Marie Renner

Published on 08 April 2015


April 2015

Marie Renner defended her PhD : “The Emergence of Carbon Capture and Storage Techniques in the Power Sector” at Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense University.

Abstract :
This thesis analyses the techno-economic and social conditions required for the emergence of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) techniques in the power sector, in compliance with CCS role in long-term mitigation scenarios. The research combines two complementary approaches: the positive one deals with the economic and social determinants necessary to trigger CCS investments, and addresses two significant issues: (1) for which CO2 price is it worth investing in CCS plants, and (2) when is CCS use socially optimal? The normative approach gives recommendations on how CCS can best be deployed as part of a least cost approach to climate change mitigation. Notably, recommendations are provided about the optimal combination of CCS policy supports that should be implemented. This Ph.D. dissertation is composed of four chapters. The first two chapters embrace the investor’s vision and highlight the determinants necessary for CCS commercial emergence. The last two chapters embrace the public decision-makers’ vision. Based on the fact that, although cost-effective, one technology may not be deployed because of social acceptance issues, Chapter 3 deals with CCS public acceptance and optimal pollution. Chapter 4 goes further and addresses the optimal CCS investment under ambiguity by providing a decision criterion with simulations on the European Union’s 2050 Energy Roadmap.

Keywords: Carbon Capture and Storage Techniques, CCS, power sector, CO2 price, investment, climate change mitigation.

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